• Wiping the Slate Clean

    by  • March 26, 2015 • 4 Comments

    I had a brief panic attack earlier this morning, when I somehow managed to lock myself out of my own website. I had to really dig deep into the root of the problem, read through a bunch of help files, and do some major puzzle solving to fix it. During my frustration, I decided the best way to solve this, was to completely remove all of my old WordPress files (don’t worry, I made a backup!), and start over.

    This happened to me last year, and boy what a frightful situation that was! The fear matched what I felt when I was locked out of my own house as a kid, because I forgot my keys. Luckily, this time I was able to pick the lock, and let myself back in. I’m just glad, that I can fix these sorts of things all by myself, without any help, it’s the perks of being a nerd! Wahay!

    I’m sure all you internet savvy web designers can relate to this! LOL!

    If pages and content seem a bit askew, you now know why. I am currently in the state of putting everything back the way it was before. It’s a tedious process, but it has to be done.