Next Top Doll 2015: Awards

February 10, 2016

Now that Next Top Doll is over, I can finally tell you, that I won 3rd place! Lalala!

Audition Round: 21.25 - Marsala is not my favorite color.
Round 1: 23.90 - Polyvore...this round was a ton of fun. Even though the doll I made for this wasn't consistant, the outfit and accessories more than made up for it.
Round 2: 23.90 - B&W Beauty Shot...Did a double take when Artzy posted the score for this round, I thought it was a typo! lol
Round 3: 19.6 - Cupcake entry...yuck. If I could redo this one, I totally would.
Round 4: 23.50 - Body painting, Andy Warhol style...not my cup of tea. Really struggled with this round.
Round 5: 24.30 - 80's portrait...Finally some improvement! (faints) At this point, I thought my score was never going to improve!
Round 6: 23.50 - Japanese Street Fashion/Evening Gown...Again, same score as round 4. Not terribly thrilled with my weather themed doll. I had this grand idea to make a weather themed evening gown, Lolita style, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't make it work. So, I think the score is well deserved in this case. Meh.

Overall score: 159.95

In total I made seven dolls over a five month time period. NTD is probably the most insane pageant in the history of pageants. So many rounds! >.<

For the most part NTD, was a tough pageant, challenging and relentless to the very end. I'm just glad I was able to complete every entry and survive the eliminations! Every round was an immense struggle, but I stuck with it without giving up and that is something I can be very proud of! I'm glad I took part in it this year! It was a lot of fun. ^_^

Awards by Artzygrrl

Cheerful Tidbits

February 8, 2016

Adobe Illustrator, isn't as scary or as hard to learn, as I thought it was gonna be! I put off learning it all these years for nothing. Pfft. So far I learned all about the interface and I learned how to draw with the pen tool, brush tool and pencil tool! I feel so smart!!! :P Now I need to learn the rest of the doohickeys in Illustrator before I can move on to the fun stuff. Pretty soon I'll be drawing cartoons and inking my illustrations like a pro in no time flat. Hoozah!

In other news, the sun has come out of it's winter slumber, with temperatures in the low 60s. The birds are singing, the frogs are croaking and the snowdrops, crocuses and camellias are beginning to bloom! Spring decided to come early this year! ^_^

Time Flies

February 1, 2016

Wow, January flew by in the blink of an eye, and not one single doll completed! I had this great plan to make one doll each month of the year, but went on a brief, unplanned hiatus from dolling after finishing Next Top Doll. Perhaps I can make up for it, this month by making two dolls instead of one! XD


January 28, 2016

For a long time, I ignored Adobe Illustrator, thinking it was too hard and technical for me to use. Now I realize it's great for inking, vector-art and cartooning (something I'm greatly interested in!). So, after ten years of having Illustrator, I am teaching myself how to use it properly. Better late, than never right? LOL. Since I started drawing my graphics for the new layout, I got the itch to draw. And I'm not referring to dolling, but actual drawing! Like large scale illustrations! I haven't been this inspired to draw in nearly two years! For the first time in eons, my brain is bulging with ideas. Finally, I am back to my good old self again. XD Who knows? Maybe this will inspire me to put my drawings back on the site! :P

Hooray for random inspiration! ^_^


January 23, 2016

'Tis a sad, bittersweet day, but I did it! After nearly 10 years of being a loyal member, I pulled the plug, I finally left deviantArt. T_T At this very moment, I am sitting here bored silly, twiddling my thumbs, experiencing major withdrawal, wondering what the heck I am going to do with myself from here on out. Not gonna lie, part of me is dancing happily, proud of the fact, that I actually did what I promised to do, while the other part of me, is frantically worrying about how I will manage to keep my online friendships. Not an easy task, especially when I am purposefully boycotting social media! D: Now I can focus all of my attention on this little 'ole site of mine and make it the site of my dreams. ^_^ Still setting up Wordpress and creating snazzy graphics, a slow tedious, headache inducing process. Ugh. Might take another couple weeks or so before it's completely ready. I just hope the transition goes smoothly without any hiccups. >.<

My deviantArt statistics:

- 282 watchers (this totally blows my mind, I was happy when I just had 5!)
- 3 daily devation awards (plus the one I got on my old account, so technically that's 4 in total)
- 48,000+ page views (I had this feature turned off the whole time, pageviews never meant much to me. If I had stayed another year or so, I would've easily reached 50,000, not that it matters. To this day I still don't really get the whole concept of a kirbian. lol)
- 80+ art submissions over a 5 year time period (excluding journals, still think it was stupid of dA to include journals with art submissions. They're not art, gosh darn it! They should be kept seperate!)
- 900+ Llama badges (Ninja llama, w00t! I gave more than I received, but I'm not complaining! Silly llamas.)
- 4 birthday cakes (Thank you dragondoodle!)
- Beautiful animated avatars! (Thank you Christie! I will always cherish the ones you made for me. So precious!)
- The best part? (Feeling like I belonged, I had a plethora of friends, more than I can count on my fingers...people accepted me for me, rather than judging me based on my age and looks. They thought I was funny and interesting and liked what I had to say!!! Hooray for anonymity!) XD
- So why give all that up? (Because I got bored and outgrew the site. You can't stay in the same place forever!) (shrugs) :P

Site Updates

January 18, 2016

True Fact #1: I am a nerd.
True Fact #2: I am a stupid nerd with a fluffy brain. I had this farfetched plan to build a blog from scratch whilst learning PHP and to be a PHP pro you have to be real smart! Something I am not! Not gonna lie, PHP is a lot harder to learn than HTML...a lot harder. This is coming from someone who can't learn math. (abstract thinker) Too technical for my wee little pea brain to handle! So I'm not even gonna try to learn it anymore, it's a waste of my time!
True Fact #3: I have a long standing love/hate relationship with Wordpress, tried it 3 times and now I am using it again. Hopefully, this time I can stick to it. This refers to #2.
True Fact #4: Wordpress is ridiculously easy to use, so why not use it? To heck with hackers! I say this in jest.

What does this nonsense mean? What? Weren't you paying attention? I'M GOING BACK TO WORDPRESS!!! Hopefully, this time around, I can avoid hackers, hacker bots these are evil and all that jazz now that I am extra knowledgable about security and stuff. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Me paranoid? Nooo...

Expect some major changes to the site within the next week or so. This is just a quick heads-up letting you guys know what's going on. Things are gonna look very different once I'm all done! Whee!!!

Also, still working on that 'Brandy' doll, in case you were wondering. Been really ill this week, and haven't felt much like dolling. Stupid winter storms! (shakes stick).

New Project - Doll Redos: 2006-2016

January 11, 2016

For as long as I can remember the music I listen to has always been a source of inspiration. Whether it's classical (i.e. Mozart), jazz (i.e. Billie Holiday), or good old rock 'n' roll (i.e. Creedence Clearwater Revival), music has always been a part of my art creation process. The particular doll I am currently working on, is inspired by an old song called 'Brandy' by Looking Glass from the 1970s. Since childhood this song has haunted me. I love it so much, the singer's voice is smooth as butter and makes me swoon every time I hear it. It always makes me think of Anne Elliott pining for Captain Wentworth in Jane Austen's Persuasion. LOL. Anyhow, one day in 2006 I got the urge to doll 'Brandy' and this popped out (the doll on the right). I recently looked at my old dolls and thought "I should totally redo some of these!"...and that's exactly what I am doing.

The next few dolls coming up in future posts, will be 'Doll Re-Dos' to compare how my style back in 2006 looks against my style now in 2016. I'm rather eager to see how they all turn out once they're finished!

New Years: 2016 - Dolling Resolutions

January 1, 2016

#1) Not to enter any and I repeat ANY contests or pageants this year. PERIOD.
Goal: Go back to my roots (dolling roots that is) and do what makes me happy. Get back the warm fuzzy feeling I had for dolling when I started 10-15 years ago.

#2) Don't give in to peer pressure. This refers to resolution #1.
Goal: I don't care who you are, or how tempting your contest/pageant might be, I stand firm and say no. Too much unnecessary stress and pressure for me to handle. This year and every year hereafter, I doll at my own pace without deadlines. As I often experience from said contests/pageants, they end up being fruitless. Meaning, I put in all that effort for nothing. Kind of pointless if you ask me. This is coming from someone who's entered them for nearly 10 years and never won...always stuck on the last rung of the ladder, looking up, unable to reach the top. I'm sick and tired of the disappointment.

Note to self - When something stops being fun, stop doing it! (shakes fist)

#3) No more floofy dresses on my dolls. Because floofy dresses are fiddly. (i.e. bad for my arthritis)
Goal: Listen to my body, when it's complaining...take frequent rests. - Don't let my drawing hand turn into a claw. I doubt I can keep this one, because floofy dresses are quite often, really tempting to doll. Sometimes it's worth the pain to make something pretty. You know the old saying - "Beauty is pain!" - it's true, at least in this case. Hah.

#4) Make more caricatures and portraits. Because they're fun.
Goal: Continue adding to my mustache collection. More male dolls! YES!

#5) Keep dolling. I made 15 dolls in 2015, this year I aim to make 16.
Goal: Pretty straight forward if you ask me. Doesn't need an explanation.

#6) Always finish what I start.
Goal: No more half-finished WIPs. When I start a doll, I have to finish it. No excuses!

#7) Focus on continuity and anatomy.
Goal: Make dolls all similar size, and get better at drawing the human figure.
More fluid poses!

#8) Work on my website. Because code makes me happy.
Goal: Keep the site interesting, make it more dynamic and don't let it stagnate.

#9) Stay true to myself.
Goal: Yes, I do feel like I am the oddball of the dolling community and I often feel as though I am invisible. I know I am not as popular as some of the other dollers. Regardless of these facts, I need to stop dwelling on the negative and focus on the positive. Popularity doesn't matter! Talk about delusions of grandeur! Pfft. Gotta get my head out of the gutter. Easier said than done.(I'm sure some of my fellow dollers can relate to this.)

#10) Eat more chocolate and drink lots of coffee. This one is easy!
Goal: Good for the mind, body and soul. Mmm...

Next Top Doll 2015: All Together Now!

December 24, 2015

Meant to add this post the other day, but forgot, oops!

Now that I'm done with Next Top Doll, I can finally smoosh all my entries together, in a special journal post, and show off my hard work. If anything, this pageant taught me that I can be patient and that I can finish what I started. Not an easy task, for someone like me, especially since I get bored so easily. (No, joke! I have the attention span of a pigeon!)

Not gonna lie, NTD was the HARDEST thing I've ever partaken in, and it challenged my wee little pea brain hardcore.(for someone with a learning disability, that's saying a lot!) Every new doll I make is like a giant hurdle that I have to conquer, so the fact that I completed this thing is a miracle in and of itself. NTD was like my own personal Mount Everest. There were so many times that I ended up in tears and wanted to quit. The whole point of entering this pageant, was not to give up and I totally accomplished that.(pats self on back) I am so glad I entered this year, it was totally worth it!

My favorite entry has to be the 1980s portrait. My least favorite entry, is the cupcake one. I regret my choice for that round, doing something that was inspired by 'gourmet cuisine' was not easy for me. If I could go back and redo that one I would. Some of the other dolls I made, I'm not too keen about either. But, it is what it is. Meh.

NTD - Finished!

December 22, 2015

Bleh. I'm glad it's over. Now that I finished the rounds, I can hide in a dark corner and cry myself into a puddle. This doll was being super stubborn, couldn't make anything work. Spent four weeks working on this monstrosity. Seriously, I hated this round. Fjkjkjkdjfdk!
Next Top Doll Pageant 2015
Round 6 - Theme: Japanese Street Fashion + Haute Couture
Hairstyle: A faux bob
Inspiration: Decora (A subgenre of Lolita fashion), and the weather (it's been gloomy and raining lots, seemed appropriate that I do a rainbow theme.)
My Character (OC): Nöelle Devereux
Base Credit: Baseless

This doll is supposed to be wearing an 'evening gown' but I couldn't make it work. Pfft! I tried! Really I did!
Since this is supposed to be 'evening wear' I decided not to go crazy with the accessories. Gotta be classy!
I know they'll probably dock points off this for not following the rules, specifically, eh. At this point, I don't really care anymore.

Link Buttons!

December 8, 2015

As par request, I quickly made up a couple of wee little link buttons. Eh, I'm not the greatest button maker, so they're nothing special. They can be found on the Links page. Happy linking!

Still tweaking the website, almost got everything the way I want, just have a few more things I need to fiddle with. XD


December 3, 2015

So...ahem, this has been a rather tedious, difficult, tear inducing project, but, my website is back! I went on a long hiatus from working on my website, took it down, with the intent to never touch it again, and now after many months of working on it, it's finally done. Kinda, sorta? XD Well, it's nothing fancy, I can tell you that. I decided with the decline of my health, I would make it solely a doll site. I no longer have much stamina to work on my illustrations (though I do dabble from time to time), and photography is no longer possible (I don't get out of the house much anymore, these days!), so those hobbies have been shoved to the back-burner, perhaps never to see the light of day again.

My portfolio has been reduced to a silly little doll site, just like it was years and years ago, when I first started dolling. Fun, right?

The pages are a bit out of whack, I'm still tweaking things, well, I'm ALWAYS tweaking, (I have the brain of an engineer, it can't be helped!) but for the most part it's done. Most of what I have are baseless dolls, one page (2007-2008) is missing, due to an unfortunate computer crash, lost all my dolls from those two years... Kept the overall design extremely simple (minimalism is the key word here!), didn't want the layout to be graphic intensive, and let the content speak for itself.

80's Portrait

November 19, 2015

Next Top Doll Pageant 2015: Round 5 - 1980s Themed Portrait
Stayed up all night for this, and dolled 12 hours straight without breaks, now I'm tired, and my vision is blurry. Blech.

Won 3rd Place and Rockstar Award.
Base Credit: Baseless

Pixel High School Pageant

November 9, 2015

PHS 2015: Mock Entry - Missed the deadline.

My OC: Lilly as a senior in high school.
Dream Job: Biologist or a Zoologist (anything to do with animals and nature)

Lilly is a well-read, quick-witted, socially awkward, snarky teenager, who loves all things science/nature, and has little tolerance or patience for stupid people. The more time she has to spend away from her beloved forest, and forest-y friends, the grumpier she gets. Basically she's me if I went to high school (home-school yay!).

Base Credit: Baseless