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Glorious Bokeh

April 30, 2016

It's so pretty! @_@ (giggles like a deranged maniac)

Website Progress: 90% completed!


April 27,2016

Isn't headway a good word? It means I am finally making excellent progress and actually getting close to being done with my website's new theme! Yay! My theme has changed a wee little bit, since my last update. I made some final adjustments to it, and all I can say is "WOW!" up till now this is the prettiest one I ever made. (does the happy dance) I can't wait to see your reactions once it's uploaded. Until then, you won't be getting any more new updates until it's completely finished. I want you guys to be surprised! ^_^

Since I don't have a pretty image to share with yout this time, here's a fun music video of Roger Miller's song "You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd". The person who put the video together, had waaay too much fun with it, it's so silly! If my life had a theme song (or three) it would be this one, closely followed by Roger's other song "Dang Me" as well as "I Wanna Be Like You" sung by Louis Prima (aka Disney's 1967 Jungle Book) for no reason other than the fact I really like Louis Prima (this is where my love for orangutans comes from! ♥) Anywho, Roger Miller was a musical genius and cute to boot. I've had this song stuck in my head for days, hence why I had to share it. So, now it's your turn. Mwahahaha! I hope the video makes you laugh! If it didn't there is something seriously very wrong with you. :P

If your life had a theme song what would it be? Leave your comments in the chat box below!
I'm in the mood for some good old fashioned chitter-chatter. :D

♫Have a listen!♫
Roger Miller: You Can't Rollerskate In A Buffalo Herd

My Favorite Lyrics:
"All ya gotta do is put your mind to it
knuckle down, buckle down, do it, do it, do it."

↑ Wise words to live by.

Color Explosion

April 23, 2016

I confess...after talking with Dalliann about '80s video games and Care Bears the other day, I went into brainstorming mode and changed the colors of my layout. (blushes) Quite frankly, I use blue and teal far too much, so I pushed myself to try another color palette. It's still a night theme, kinda... (twilight?), or maybe it's late sunset, when the clouds look like cotton candy and the stars and moon are beginning to appear, my favorite time of day!

Anyhow, I worked all night on this and managed to include some of my favorite colors. What do you think? Do you prefer the blue one better? Or are you a sucker for pink? Leave your comments in the chat box below!


April 18, 2016

Website Progress: 80% completed! Nearly done!

I'm rather liking the starry theme. Reminds me of the 'glow in the dark' stars I had as a child.
Without a doubt, the best theme I've created thus far. Simple, sleek and pretty. ^_^

Sneaky peek!

April 4, 2016

The site will return back to normal very soon. Keep checking for updates!
Feel free to send your comments via email, or write them in the Cbox below.